Of those frozen moments, when you see much - which I tried to pen down in as few words as possible, and treasure it in my heart. This means a lot to me. I changed to the title to Meditation (thanks to William Stewart), though still open for suggestions.


Swordplay in the hearts of men;
when does it end?

Swirling circles
paradoxical to the atom
mysteries unfold

Pondering minds
and the fighting man
- for what?

That I would live
to see such wonders

Dressed in divinity
profound, traveling

A miracle indeed
infinite -

Poetry by J. E.
Read 1008 times
Written on 2009-11-02 at 10:53

Tags Nature  Mind  Philosophy 

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"Swirling circles
paradoxical to the atom
mysteries unfold" themselves.. getting the better of my conscience.. there is, something possible, in this text.. that makes it a whole lot easier, for those next steps.. in making something out of something..hm.. Did I just, wrote something even I do not understand, in this comment? ..*think think* "Pondering minds
and the fighting man
- for what?" This is wise. It is.. cause it's like being hit down to the ground.. for a good reason.

Ah, good Sir... this poem conjures up the image of me sitting at your feet, looking up at you as you recite poetry in a room with wood paneling and a flowered carpet. We are eating grilled cheese sandwiches and drinking spiced cider and there is classical music playing softly in the background... something beautiful by Field.

I am wearing a velvet dress with a long skirt and you are wearing a long-sleeve shirt and Dockers and slip-on shoes.

Sigh... this vision is fading but came from reading your creative process and I admire your talent very much.

♫ Lavender

As for title suggestions, consider just "Meditation." The poem is complex and profound, so I think it would be a good idea to keep the title simple and let the text work its magic on its own. Just an opinion. It's thrilling to think of all the "swirling circles" in the universe, in our minds, and in the make-up of our own bodies. Enjoyable read.