For all those who wanted to know what happened next...

The maiden in the Moonlight-Sequel

The maiden walked witha heavy heart Laden with sorrows of being apart.

She entered the palace at dim dawn light And threw hreself on the bed in sudden plight.

Her betrothal day was coming near Her hopes all gone and crushed into fear

The daybreak came and brought her aides They hovered around making amends

They readied her chirping along And wove garlands in her tresses that were long

The maiden wore silky satin robes Diamonds sparkled in her ear-lobes

The picture of beauty,poise and grace lines of sorrow etched on her pretty face

The princess of a stately kingdom was she! Dutybound to marry the king was she!

The king came in a chariot so golden and whisked her to his strange kingdom

Thus a tale of untold beauty ended on the threshold of binding and duty ANUPAM

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 501 times
Written on 2009-11-17 at 15:12

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