From a message conversation with Zoya Zaidi.


All through my days an nights ,

My mind is never still ,

Like the deepest seas ,

My is mind is flowing ,

In thoughts , as if from ,

Great rivers , joining the sea ,

Forming words in to poems and story's ,

To be washed up on distant shores ,

For a beachcomber to find.

The Dyslexic Poet

Ken D Williams

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-12-15 at 21:17

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Ken, the 'distant shores' include the souls of anyone who reads your poetry. Tell me WHERE I can buy your published words. You are simply an amazing poet. Thank you for writing and sharing your words...

You are inspired Ken! Go with your flow man, we never know when it will dwindle to a trickle...not happened to me yet, mines been a raging torrent for years now.

These spontaneous free flowing poems, such as you have written here, explain us poets and our souls, so well. As to sleeping well, the more we pour onto the page, the quicker our sleep will come, never ignore the muse when she comes, she will keep you up all night.

Merry Blissmiss


I feel the thoughtwaves in this lovely undulating piece, I am a beachcomer!