An Angel Of Grace.

An angel of grace
With beauty to spare
Eyes of pure amber
And velvet soft hair

So lithe and so sleek
Her skin soft and white
A vision from heaven
A breath taking sight

Full of love and compassion
Faith and desire
She touches my heart
With fingers of fire

She harbours my soul
In sweet dreams of bliss
Awaiting with fervour
The touch of her kiss

To send me to heaven
Or condemn me to hell
This Russian roulette
Cast under her spell.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 862 times
Written on 2006-02-18 at 11:07

Tags Angel 

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Really good
i like this one


Lovely Graham....oh yes the power of an angel of grace over our beings!
You penned another work of heavenly art.


Black Knight
The flow is fine,
The same with rhyme.

Veld Cooper
Sorry to have addressed my previous comment to Angie, Penfold - blame it on the eye!

Veld Cooper
A fine write indeed, Angie - heaven or hell indeed and one never knows when....

purple fire
This is beautiful and runs as I read with such fluency and warmth.

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Always enjoy reading your poems. A beautiful piece, which moves my memories

Zoya Zaidi
To take you into the realm of fantasy,
To show you the best of heaven on earth,
To touch your soul with the fire of amber,
To feed you with the honey of love,
To give the much desired solace,
In your hour of need be with you,
Soothe you when troubled is your soul,
Oh, how I wish, I was that Angel of Grace,
Oh, your love for a moment to traste!

(((((hugs Graham for a lovely write)))))
Who is the lucky Angel, daer friend?

Love, xxx, Zoya