On 30 November, Milorad Pavic died in Belgrade. He is one of Europe's most neglected writers. This poem is in his honour. I think it would make him smile. 

the inner side of the wind

she came to me
as if in a dream
across the surging waters flow
and through the mist
gliding along the foreshore
as if from Avalon
but I a mere mortal
am no Leander
to her Hero
despite her awesome beauty
the ruination of me
t'would be
to swim those turbulent waters
to woo her at her feet
for I am just
an ordinary man
no knight in armour me
no knave to take advantage
I shepherd on the farther shore
and though her light
each night
I do ignore
not out of cowardice
but courage
she is none to me
nor my mankind
they say that
opportunity should I take
to release her
from her prison
and put out the light
of undying love
that disturbs
our perennial gloom
but I feel my limitations
I cannot swim
and drowning
though for you, dear reader,
and indeed for her
tragic might it be
it would be terminal for me
Yet I also see
that for me
if not for thee
some dreams may
be worth dying for
they just may
for my dire poverty
would be no loss
and my gain
eternal love
on the inner side
of the wind

Poetry by Peter Humphreys The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-01-02 at 23:25

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I really enjoyed the poem, though I was unsure it this was your work or his, either way it doesn't matter. Neither have I read any of Pavics work, so thank you for bringing it to my attention. I noticed a similarity in your photographs,lol!!