The next poem after this one

It is not this poem that is important,
it is the poem that this one leads to;
you can't unfortunately get to that poem without passing through this one,
unless perhaps you know another route that I don't know.

The scenery on this poem is dull dull dull –
dull as dishwater (and full of clichés)
and if this poem was the point of your journey today,
I would honestly and respectfully tell you not to bother.

But there is another poem that you'll get to at the end of this one;
after I have dragged you through the tedium of a long and boring flight,
queues at the airport where small children fight with each other
in a thoroughly un-cute way
and stressed-out adults try very hard not to lose it.

When this poem finishes you will find another one begins
where the views are spectacular;
a thousand waterfalls drop sweet tasting water
into a sunny glade flowered with all manner of tropical colours
and rainbows dance about in the sunshine while happy waiters
walk around between the sun loungers and bring you honey cocktails.

The sun shines brilliantly on the warm blue water that seems to go
just as deep as you like it,
and someone you love with all your heart and soul,
is lying on the sun-lounger next to you,
looking deep into your eyes and smiling back in that "I love you too" kind of way.

Like I say,
that's not this poem: that is the next poem after this.
So if you are finding this poem to be somewhat tedious and boring
and even lacking in anticipation,
I'd like to reassure you that the poem we're coming to next
(the one after this one)
is going to be
everything you ever dreamed of.

Here it comes.

Poetry by Andrew Bindon
Read 594 times
Written on 2010-01-13 at 13:42

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Andrew Bindon
As often is the case, Rob, you are too funny!


Rob Graber
This comment does not amount to much,
But just wait 'til the NEXT one...

I got a kick out of this write!

Andrew Bindon
Thank you, Mark, that is very encouraging.
Such a kind thing to say: "gentle brilliance".
Blessings be on you!


I don't usually like poems about poems but this has a gentle brilliance - like a distant sun. I can't say more as I have difficulty commenting about any art as I feel that it tends to spoil it but I couldn't let this one go without saying something.