wrote this after a day with my honey. nothing special. this is a new feeling, it's beautiful. for once, things feel right.

speak to me with only your eyes

We are always searching for the moments that leave us speechless.
Those times when words escape us and in their place is only raw emotion.
Your eyes speak with more words that language holds.
And I should revel in those feelings,
in their rawest forms, and embrace the silence.
But this is where I'm always hoping to find the words.
Universal sentiments are not made real with phrases
but the other way round.
My tired sentences search for new light.
And when I put the lyrics to this soundtrack,
capturing this energy,
my words are revived and revitalised
for they are filled with you
With that look in your eyes.

We exist in perfect balance.
No longer afraid of the incongruity of the past.
Your eyes mirror my mind.
No longer living an effigy,
this is the real thing.
What makes me act is not an obligation
Not selfish and not obscured by my insecurities.
My head is no longer controlling my movements
I am pulled forward with a naked desire to be with you.
Simply and beautifully.
My heart at the wheel and my head in tow
not objecting nor guiding me.

we are two lone souls in the wounded dark.
with clouded breath and goosebumps,
irised magnets of intrigue
pulling the seams in tight.
and when the edges meet up
the closeness makes my head spin.

When I am with you I want to stay with you
just to be with you.
When I kiss you I want to stay kissing you.
but when the kiss ends, I'm not left longing for it.
This physical and emotional satisfaction in perfect balance,
This is something I have never experienced.
You take my breath away.
You steel my ability to use words in elloquence.
But when the words return they're better than before
And I have a new appreciation for them.

Je t'aime, tellement.
Je t'aime, tout simplement.

Poetry by Sparks
Read 622 times
Written on 2010-01-13 at 19:35

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Well that confirms it Sparks! You are hooked into a muse that will never let you go. The language of your love, is such a wonderful way to end my day...thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry.

Off to bedfordshire


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