Pastel Moons

Under mountains
Over seas
Past the fountains,
Over leas
In the morning
And at noons,
Men are scorning
Pastel moons.

Over rivers
On the breeze,
Lightning quivers,
And the trees
Over spreading,
In the night
Men all dreading
Ghosts in flight.

Within castles
Near and far
Vapid vassals
Praying are.
Royals thunder
While the law
Halts their plunder
Hoof and paw.

Buried treasures
In the yard,
Empty pleasures,
Gold and sard,
All are hidden
In each bed,
Rise unbidden
Come the dead.

Poetry by Achernar
Read 703 times
Written on 2010-01-22 at 18:20

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Lavender Blue
Gasp! I LOVE this poem so much, most truly and sincerely. I admire the way it's constructed and what it says is so appealing. Sigh... An adventure that draws me into the scene. Your talent is obvious, dear Poet Sir.

Princess Charles
That's a wow. The first verse moved me a lot.

ngaio Beck
You have an uncanny ability to "paint' with language.
I loved this one.