what lasts in a lingering touch.
Like snow whisps pulled along the cement.

Your eyes

Your eyes.
Goddamn...your eyes.
How they sing to me
that damn melody,
sweet as can me
sweeter than honey
your touch,
never too strong and such
but always means so much
You're gentle and kind
I can speak my mind
because love is blind
and I know I'll never find
a better way to unwind
In your arms I feel safe
I feel one of a kind.
I feel I can be me,
that sweet melody,
it's setting me free.
setting my soul on fire
Your gasoline choir
lighting the fuse, lighting the wick
now I can chose
not to be "just another chick"
With you I'm alive, I'm simple, I'm free
No more diving in oceans for me.
Now I'm just dipping my toes
In the river that flows
from your fingers down to your soul
that helps me keep control
The shallow pool, gentle and calm
I feel at peace here, I feel I belong
I feel safe, I feel strong,
My toes are submerged
and our souls have converged
your skin next to mine,
our fingers entwined,
here I feel safe, I feel one of a kind.
And when you look at me,
it's as good as can be,
you're setting me free
I'm a bird
Speaking languages unheard,
speaking witout words
I'm flying through the limitless skies
in the forever blue of your eyes
Goddamn...your eyes.

Poetry by Sparks
Read 697 times
Written on 2010-01-25 at 04:34

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