Parts of speech

You and I are both
pronouns. Both of us stand in
the place of a noun.

We form parts of each
other's speech, or perhaps they
form parts of our noun.

When we take the words
away from the soul they house
we find nothing left.

Secretly the noun
referred to is just a word;
not a noun at all.

Maybe if we thought
softly enough, grammar would
treat us more kindly.

If grammar allowed
us to be verbs, then we could
be true to our self.

Sometimes I think you
may be an adjective. Like
purple or very.

Or stripy like a
zebra. Or squirmy like a
wormy. Or snugly
like a bugly.

Or if you are an
adverb, sing softly to me
while I kiss your brow.

Poetry by Andrew Bindon
Read 711 times
Written on 2010-01-25 at 14:09

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