Monkey trap

The design of a traditional monkey trap
as many people may know
involves the use of a vessel
containing something tasty, perhaps a nut or a banana.

The vessel has a small hole in it
large enough for the monkey to just fit a hand through
and take hold of the banana.

When the monkey has the banana in its hand
the monkey's fist holding the banana is now too big
to go back through the hole.

The monkey is not smart enough to realise that to free himself he needs to let go of the banana.

Neither am I.

Poetry by Andrew Bindon
Read 708 times
Written on 2010-02-03 at 11:29

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ngaio Beck
Brilliant! I never knew that. I think it may work with some people and money.

Ah, the lesson of letting go in order to gain more.
Was very happy to be reading this wonderful poem.