We live in a world industrialized.
Where woman's beauty is unrealized,
the female body is commercialized,
sold to the highest bidder,
we need to reconsider this path we're on,
but we're all desensitized, we're too far gone.
the culture is so ingrained, like a flash bulb to the brain,
all these images and stories of pain,
yet no one can make the change.
Across the world women are demoralized,
when the goddess inside should be immortalized.

yet they have been oppressed.
Because some men are obsessed
with the idea that they alone have been blessed
with the power to arrest, that they are 'the best'.

But there are those who are still fighting
those who stand strong,
trying to right all these wrongs.
But men have the guns, men drop the bombs.

A member of parliament in Pakistan,
was shot down when she took a stand,
campaigning for women's emancipation,
trying to better the situation by
offering inspiration to the next generation.
But an extremist shot her dead.
for not wearing a veil on her head,
how is a woman's life so dispensable?
it's not sensible, when woman herself gives life.
But we've put her through unimaginable strife.

All this shame
ingrained in our mind frames,
a silently infecting disease
sown neatly into tapestries
neatly covering the debris
of bricks pummeled to dust
iron turned to rust.

This tapestry covers the ruins of a world that none of us knew
and through the years the grass grew fast, an auspicious disguise
completely obscuring the past from our eyes.
Fed by the fertilizer of close minded thought
the ability to be bought in by power and by physical gain
we entertain the notion that devotion can be given more to objects than to ourselves.

Placed on a shelf, this compassion is beginning to wilt,
struggling to strive in this world that we've built.
Profit has no soul, money has no heart,
but it's the tool that shook our foundations apart.
Creating roots of a new movement
leaving little hope for improvement,
scouring their way into mother nature's veins
until a broken hearted woman is all that remains.

But women are strong,
singing songs with words of strength sow healing to the wounds
Her tears of perseverance,
making rivers that flow through the ruins,
cause hope to grow.
Helping these seedlings of these feelings grow stronger
till women no longer have to try to survive,
they will strive, come alive.

James Brown had it right, and his words incite a certain inspiring ray of light.
"it's a man's world. but it aint nothing, without a woman or a girl."
see, a man will make everything he can, but a woman makes a better man.
a woman makes a man.
All we're asking for is a little respect, we need to protect these women, we need to correct all these wrong doings, we need some reviewings of the world that we live in, we can't just give in.

When men and women come together it creates an ever lasting connection
it's a reflection of the god and goddess within.
Where both sides win, it's no competition,
in fact it's a demolition of the stereotypical roles where men are in control.
When man and woman join in two equal parts, it creates in the heart
feelings which can only be liberalized when man and woman are equalized.
So know that we are different but know that we're the same,
and love each other for it, we're all playing the same game.
There's no better gender out of the two,
without either man or woman there would be none of you.

Poetry by Sparks
Read 601 times
Written on 2010-03-03 at 00:23

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