its kinda how a feel at the moment xD

Being A Teenager

I woke up this morning and felt differant.
Emotions running through my head,
I felt so weak I just wanted to go back to bed,
This feeling shot me like cold lead.

These arguements are getting stupid now.
I get so angry like never before,
But even though it angers me I want to do more,
I mean that little idiot called me a whore!

My parents don't seem to understand me.
I can't seem to do anything right,
I can still remember you coming in and turning out the light,
I never thought I'd be like this no matter what my height.

I guess being a teenager hurts.
I'm finally learning my mistakes,
But all I do now is take,
I told mommy I didn't wan't to leave that lake...

Poetry by FrannieXxX
Read 511 times
Written on 2010-03-03 at 19:03

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sounds like me good write keep it up