They all speak with raised voices
not listening, just rushing forward
Who cares to untie the knot
when you can split it in two?

It's faster, easier

I wish you could see
delve inwards, for a change
meet yourself
take a closer look
just try

Humble, I walk the earth
it's my high, which
makes up for all my lows

and I take pride in it
treasure it

If we all knew ourselves
only a tiny bit

perhaps, just perhaps

we would catch a glimpse
of one another

Poetry by J. E.
Read 783 times
Written on 2010-04-05 at 05:00

Tags People  Understanding  Love 

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jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
this resonates to me.
the title drew me in
and i see a true poet at work.

This rings very true. A quick solution to a complex problem is usually no solution at all.
Thanks, Much Enjoyed.

I absolutely love this. Especially the title image of the knot. It's usually worth the extra time it takes to work through the intricacies of relationships and our own selves. Untying the knot may take more work, but it saves the rope.