as I awakened
from the deepest sleep
I rubbed my eyes
not just to arouse myself
from my silent drowsyness
but because the world
to be more accurate
my world
seemed to me as if it had turned to sepia
in my sleep
yet not quite the sepia of old family photos
on outings to the sea
or of my grand-dad all decked out
in his new uniform
for the so-called Great War
a Prince of Wales South-West Lancashire Volunteer
whence he returned
ever silent
but growing things to show me in his garden
no the sky
or at least the clouds through my window world
were the palest tint of olive green
it quite startled me
not because it was loud in any way
but quite the opposite
the light was quiet
and everything in my garden and street
into which I peered cautiously
was tinged with a darkly light olive greyness
I sat transfixed
and as the linden tress waved to and frow
back and forth
in their sepia green
of my newly sepia world
I wondered what it would be like
never to see colours again
where rainbows would be sepia
and the eyes of those I loved
if all the world were sepia
not colourless
but colourful
not colour blind
nor blinded by colour
just one colour

Poetry by Peter Humphreys The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 788 times
Written on 2010-05-31 at 22:42

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Love to see you writing, and love this too Peter. Old sepia never fails to give me pleasure. I would not like to see the world in sepia for ever, but that would be better than not seeing it at all.
Good wishes to you my friend, often in my thoughts.

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
three cheers for lovely sepia...and, incidentally, if the
rainbow was sepia, would it still be rainbow?

good poem Peter !!!

xxx Stan

jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
light and colour are the things i enjoy most in my everyday life.
we are all elemental :)
sepia is ok
for me the dream is the olive greens you describe so well.
as i have said before Peter you have such a voice and style.