Proper punctuation is not fitting for this poem. So take a deep breath and start reading and who knows? You might find it to be a good reading experience. Or not. *Enjoy*

My silent love. (Take a deep breath & risk it)

 A letter 
My silent love, did my silent love ever crossed your mind because it is not of current worth to you. I know. But my love, my silent love, my love for you is still alive, it is a part of me. If you knew that it would be like this, that you exist inside my body . . . and that I keep bringing them back to life.

Our shared memories and I often wonder as I do now, do you? Can you feel me as I do? My silent love, my silent love is like the wind beneath the seagull’s wings the wind that scatters and dissolves the clouds and moves on until it gets captured in a jar, together with a butterfly. Forced to be life-giving and then deadly, suffocate the butterfly.   

My silent love is still free, until I choose to express it again. Be silent for a moment can you feel the music? Maybe you do Maybe you don’t . . . ~

Short story by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-06-11 at 01:29

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Louis Constant
merci pour ce beau cadeau

Andra stycket är jättevackert, som viktioriansk poesi, romantisk och sorglig. Fint skrivet!
The second part of the text reminds me of a viktorian poet, my favorite, AC Swinboure. Beautifully composed!