Neverending rain

everyday when I wake up
I'm stuck with a feeling
a million little pieces
from the otherside tries to reach me
something dark and vague
like a neverending rain

I don't know if it's me
or if it's remnants
of reoccurring dreams
I look into the mirror
and see the fleeten years
a happy glimpse
turned into skin of tears

maybe something happened
or something did not
of that I will never know
I am sure of my shadow though
whom I can sense
but who doesn't want to show

should I leave it there
playing in it's realm
or should I plunge into it's depth
thus even though it scares me
I would like to see
who's hiding there beneath
my reactive worldly me

I need to know myself
even where it's dark

to be whole

my shadow
and me

opposites mended

in harmony.

Poetry by C-F Haegring
Read 332 times
Written on 2011-03-20 at 22:25

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ngaio Beck
Good presentation of "Games of the mind"