Well people here at the bay. I don't know what to say. I might be leaving you guys:( I'm not sure but it is really looking like it i'm afraid:(

A Soul of Words Vanishing

These words might be the last,

hard to explain but yet so easy,

I see the line coming closer,

the line where all words stop coming,

a line I do not wish to cross,

I don't want to fall,

I wanna walk out standing up,

I have made the wrong turn and ended up in a dead end,

looking in to the horizon and hoping for something,

don't know what, just something,

Trying to find a solution,

but it's looking very bad,

i don't want to end my writing,

I live for it,

it's like I am a part of my poems,

Well, I don't know,

I guess this might be a goodbye,

this is so hard,

I might be leaving my second home,


The Bay has been amazing to me,

so much support and so much kindness,

how can I ever thank you?

I guess I'm not as great of poet as I thought,

let's hope I'll still stand tall and continue on writing here,

Only God knows,

as i'm sitting here,

writing a poem more sad then anyone I have written before,

to everyone here,

I salute you with my greatest love!

Thank you

Poetry by Alexander
Read 895 times
Written on 2006-02-28 at 16:47

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Zoya Zaidi
Alex darling don't be so sad,
I know lately you have had it bad,
Life is not really smiling on you,
There are boulders big in your way, it's true,
But you have been fighting, and winning too,
Now that you are almost there,
In the battle of foul and fair,
You are coming out a winner dear,
Why are you siezed suddenly with a fear?
Why are you having such gloomy thoughts?
Why are you with self-doubt wrought?
Don't give up, ever in the middle of the fight,
Don't please take from stuggles flight!
You will come out a winner all right!
You poetry, so good my dear,
Who says it's not good or not fair?
You have been writing with such flair,
You heart you are pouring out in there,
This is one expression of your innerself,
Please be true to it, don't give up!
We are your friends and we all love you here,
Who ever said, that we don't care?
Where will you run away form home,
Because this is your shelter, this is your home,
Stay dear Alex don't leave your home!

((((((Hugs Alexader, Don't Succumb!)))))
((((((Stay alexander, Don't you Run!))))))

Love, xxx, Zoya

Love, xxx, Zoya

please dont leave us!! i will miss you so much!! i hope that you visit us here on the bay and trust me you are a wonderful poet!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxamber lynn xxxxxxxxxxxxxx