The Soul of Words Fights

Was thinking about leaving the poetry world,

got scared and tried to run away,

I have never been so scared before,

I wrote a poem to say goodbye to you,

Then I got some beautiful words from someone,

telling me that my poetry is realy good,

that they didn't want me to leave,

so powerful words they wrote,

After reading the words they wrote,

I found out I can't run away,

I must stand and fight,

this is my home,

Serious thoughts flowed through my mind,

before i wrote the goodbye poem,

I was yelling at myself on the inside,

saying that I can't continue writing,

that i'm not strong enough,

It's right as you said Zoya,

why suddenly all the fear and the gloomy thoughts,

I can't runaway,

cause I have no where to go,

Here is where I belong,

this is where my words has a meaning,

at least I hope they do,

why should I listen to fear?

Amber Lynn and Zoya Zaidi,

I will stay,

i will fight,

you will still see my words here,

Thank you for giving me the strenght,

the power and will,

the soul to continue,

I love you all

Poetry by Alexander
Read 866 times
Written on 2006-02-28 at 18:48

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aww... what a beautifully writting poem!! i am so glad that you are staying!!!! and i love you to alex!!!
amber lynn