how does poetry come to be

poetic joy

they say if a wife
is good
the husband happily
sails through life
if bad
her man translates
monstrosity to poetic delights

wife's evil beguiling
makes him spin words
on beds of venom
bitterness sewn into blanched sheets

we come in various hues
red and outlandish
orange monsters green heroes
skins unrevealing eyes unsearching

we create our own monsters
turn emeralds to sandstones
and blow them far off
to forlorn seas of despair

steeped in loveless life
the wifely poet reads syllables
off the tongues of mindless gods
no consonants no meaning

poetic joy lives
in transcendental pain
transforms life's peccadillo
into frolicking mirth

bad wife good wife
in poetic dance

Poetry by mark nwagwu
Read 483 times
Written on 2010-08-25 at 22:57

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I then must have a very good wife, mark!