I'm aggravated with my broken and overly rushed family. sorry.

What is This!

This isn't even anger; I'm not even sure what is infesting my body right now. Limbs and joints burn with the sting of fire, fueled by my own inspiration to express my "undefined" emotions.

What is this!

What is this!

BE deaf to my words, and blind to my actions. Run to the shelter of sight, but don't stare. Now, wait, rip out your eyes. Live within the nothing of no sense. Create a blissful paradox to travel and starve in, for this is the only way to ascend. Or descend, its all in the choices. Now rip your spheres out, drop them, smash them.

Its hard not to laugh, during this argument. Its hard not to smile, crack a grin. Choking on my ambitious lies, telling you all that is nothing to tell. Caves to your brain, the sludge of this intellect. Bare and naked, without instinct.

You are a word, compounds of text, worthless information. I'll use you as I wish, this is my only honest promise. This is my love, my lust, and my lie....

Words by Sithre Lateralus
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Written on 2006-03-04 at 06:47

Tags Angry 

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power-packed and superlative.
your intensity of expression will not be overlooked.
hope things are "beterring" on the home front.