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MELODY IRAN 10.10.10

I was having a Persian dinner that night
made by two young proud girls
beautiful as you
people from many parts of the world
gathered round a big table
Young laughter and joy
Me having a religious moment
from the food only and the crowd
Could not speak as ususal
there is nothing for me to say
just to trust the young generation
to do good things
stop some of the noice
oil the bearings of this tired planet
with new spirits and a open mind

I thought of you
and me
never making it to your country
after all
too tired allready from observing
gathering new words blowing
so swiftly past me
by these strange winds
of the Middle East

But there I was
having a Persian meal in Beirut
the city of all kinds of uprootedness
a compromise I can live with
happy under my stone
I never really manage to hide under
or bother anymore
feeling close to you
as somewhere in Iran

And your great leader
reclamation marks or not
that short carismatic provoker
will dance today in Lebanon
around the last pole
of the last muslim empire
throwing symbolic stones
across the border
to that little nasty perfect Sim City
across the border to decadence
where we sit hiding behind
our indoktrinated truths
watching those fearless from faith
we have always so thorowly
learned to hate
Now we hate him
that last Man standing

They want him so bad
hate flickors like lightning across
the worlds illuminated Hollywood nights
I feel sad so sad
for their strenght
for their enourmous fanatic believes
in nothingness
in everything you don't have to belive in

Let's just all dance into the glorious
coca-cola paradice kind of religion
Let's have peace in Obamaland
with all possible means
means just what it means
All Possible Means
that terrible three letter word

But I am ready for anything
I met you a Scandinavian summers day
to be enrichened and saved
I had a Persian meal
I had a full life
Greatful every day
for the overtime

You must always forgive
Never hate anyone
these two things you must remember from me
It is the only important thing I ever had to say

And you know...
I already seen your country
even from not going there
beautiful it is
beyond all words

Poetry by PapaFahr The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-10-13 at 11:29

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