A creative text. Oh, memoria, enemiga mortal de mi descanso!' Miguel de Cervantes

Animals are creatures of habit

The driving force of habit is called
fruitful happiness & Infinite Energy?
 No . . . safety . . .

Back to my thought-cave.

It took me long, such a long time
it took me such a long time but,
but now I think that I have erased

Erased the melody of your voice
from my voice. You can stay mute
in my memory vault.

I was a fading echo

you were the mirroring of my love
plus,minus your needs

for you
to you
as you

but never there for yourself?

Have you ever felt the sound of the rippling water
 underneath your fingertips?

I also forgot the smell of your words and skin,
funnily enough, one day, I could vouch that
I smelled a hint of how we smelled when we
hugged each other, but that was impossible
You haven’t touched and I haven’t touched
we haven’t touched or met each other for months!
- It was just me. Heh. Let’s wash down the drain
those Oh so poetic moments of our ecstatic union!

We sold everything we bought together I only kept
the teddy bear you bought. Because you bought one
for yourself and one for me, I sleep together with that
white bear.

I have also rearranged my furniture and
changed position to what you have

What we have created together can stay as it is

it will be the mausoleum of our love, love for the
harmony of the fleeting moment.

The only thing left is to replace some ways of
interacting with reality, rewrite the code. My
brain needs rearranging that needs more time
but I am glad that I remember who I was before
I met you and now time to weigh my options:

 Infinite Loop?(Oh hail destiny)
 Ctrl+Alt+Delete Restart? Hm, nooo . . .
.) Brain activity management

No= ∞*∞

0* ∞ =  I

Intensity(energy ) is constant
and does not depend on distance,
wherever you think you are, we

we the dancers of the cosmos . . .




Words by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-11-01 at 16:21

Tags Love  Reality  Memories 

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melanie sue
Awesome creative expression. I think it may be therapeutic as well. :) I love what you write and I just wish I had more time to digest it all and then feed it back. (I relate to this poem very much).