conversing with myself i find that it is hard to figure where i start and my mind begins. this is a very confusing text, but i hope you enjoy.

Self Confusion

you walk with me and change my mind
i walk with me because i am my mind

you look at me and see lies
I look at me and see a hell

you speak for me as if I am not there
I speak for me because you say the wrong thing

you bleed on me to try and frighten
I bleed you to be alone

you sleep in me to stay alive
you sleep in me and soon will die

Poetry by Mark Reynolds
Read 731 times
Written on 2006-03-06 at 16:55

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John Ashleigh
If you put more effort and time into this - then this poem would deffinetly be the best I've read.

I can tell this by the language you use and how you put simplistic images together.

For example :D
"You turn the road in which I follow,
I follow the road in which you turn."

Haha :P Good work.