This is TRUE - And I still laugh at the memory. Needless to say, the hoped-for relationship never 'TOOK OFF'!

Come FLY with me

The sun was hot, the sky was blue,
And I had nothing much to do,
And then I saw a nice young man
Driving in his big white van.

I'd met him just the day before
Knocking on my best friend's door,
He woke in me a certain yearning,
And when he stopped, my face was burning.

Then my heart leapt when, hand held out,
He asked if I lived thereabout,
And I jumped into his van as fast
As a jet plane flying past.

As we started on our way
I asked him what he'd done today.
"Oh, I'm just carrying a load
For a friend from down the road."

Then, as he spoke, a large black fly
Flew up, and settled near my eye -
And after him, his aunt and cousin -
And pretty soon, the air was buzzin' -

And we could hardly see the road!
Then I turned and saw the 'load'
And that was when the odour hit -
From half a ton of horses' s*** .

Now, when I hear "Come Fly With Me"
My mind goes back to '73
And I can NEVER hear that song
Without remembering the PONG!

Poetry by Marie Cadavieco The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 734 times
Written on 2010-11-19 at 02:03

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I bet that taught you to look before you leap, or, at least hop in a van with bloke!

Pungent poem.

Ahhhh, this romance had such a promising start... XD Had being the keyword, haha!! The poem begins so delightfully, and then at the end.. My hand met my face in abject horror and hilarity. Lovely poem! And a most interesting experience!

... Come FLY with me, let's fly, let's fly away~ -hums- xD