Written from the perspective of a long-ago male friend.

Broken Window Blues

I looked into your window
In the darkness and I froze
My dark-eyed desert Lily
Blushed an asiatic rose
I know I shouldna done it
My anger sealed the deal
And now a naked shard of glass
Inside me never heals

And I've got the blues, baby
I've got the Broken Window Blues
Nothin' to win, nothin' to lose'
I've got the Broken Window Blues

I met a fair fine woman
And you know I held her tight
But somethin' deep inside me
Just didn't feel all right
Can't say I didn't try, now
I did what a man could do
But that jagged piece of glass baby
You know I think it cut her too

Now she's got the blues, baby
She's got the Broken Window Blues
Nothin' to win and everything to lose
She's got the Broken Window Blues

Although others may find me
You and I are never through
'Cause that ragged piece of glass, babe
It reminds me of you
Wrapped up in the music
The edge's growing dull
Sometimes it's not so bad now, babe
Sometimes it hurts like hell

Don't try to tell me baby
Broken Window Blues'll go away
I may not have class but I know I've got glass
And these Broken Window Blues are here to stay.

October 2008

Poetry by Nancy Sikora
Read 558 times
Written on 2010-12-30 at 19:19

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
another fine blues song. you have soul, that's for sure, and you're not afraid to show it.

Hubert Sumlin perhaps, or Snooky Pryor. I wrote a poem once about how, some nights, only the Blues can get me through. I'm adding your song to my playlist.

Keb' Mo' ain't got nothin' on you, baby.