This poem is dedicated to my cousin, Sadaf(sadaf=pearl) , who has proved that angels do exist in this world.

Pearl: An angel

''There are angels'', in childhood, I had heard,
As time passed by, for me, it became absurd;

Though, for me it was all a lie,
yet I wanted to see an angel, don't know why?

A tough life, as I lived, I prayed to my Lord,
to make me meet an angel, though to me it seemed all odd;

My Lord heard me and placed me in a condition so tempestuous,
people accused me and judged me upon things, so sacrilegious;

Profusely, my heart kept bleeding,
I stood infront of my Lord and for death I kept pleading;

Having lost all reasons to live,
to comfort my soul there were people, but few;

Besides the river Lidder I'd sit and I'd cry,
out of my veins, misery sucked the sap and left it dry;

Every happy memory that tossed my mind,
couldn't make me, but, more grief to find;

Effete and torn as I laid,
I considered, it my destiny to fade;

In the dark dungeons of my melancholy, I had locked myself up,
of Hemlock, to drink, I held a cup;

And lo! she came and held my hand,
magic away, did she my grief with here affection wand;

A pearl of strength she handed over to me,
through the prism of hope, a new world, she made me see;

She taught me about the essence of unconditional love,
and made me realize, to the ravages of time, down, love doesn't bow;

The dark period of my life was illuminated by the beams of her affection,
for her kind love, I'll be grateful to her till the day of resurrection;

An angel, as she is, her affection is so pure and fine,
she holds true for the saying, ''to err is human and to forgive-divine''.


Poetry by Mirza Nazrana Bég
Read 807 times
Written on 2011-01-13 at 06:53

Tags Angel  Pearl  Divine 

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Very nice ode to your cousin :-)
We cannot see God but we can surely feel his presence and warmth with all nice people around us .

A very moving tribute to your cousin. Love and forgiveness are the greatest gifts we can receive.