School Bus Love

I see you,
you're hard to avoid.
I know you don't hate me,
but you act like you do,
but it's okay, I get the point.

You're my school bus love,
I smile deep inside when you sit next to me.
I could say we even like the same stuff,
Why can't you see?

I know you see me there,
waiting for a smile,
it seems like you don't care
'cause you don't even try.

You know how I feel,
and I never seem to score,
and it hurts even more
because I care about what you think
and it makes me sink... Sink.

I remember that cold morning in the bus,
when you accidentally slept on my shoulder,
the warmth of your body made me fuzz,
our legs against each other,
I was happy and I even thought you were,
but then, it was time to wake up.

I guess nothing matters now,
'cause I'm leavin'.
I won't take any bow,
But I won't leave until thanking,
thanking you for making me believe in love.

Poetry by Sketch0117
Read 780 times
Written on 2011-01-26 at 00:59

Tags Angst  Love 

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Bittersweet, I like this poem. Love the story..or the memory of it :-)

Ah the sweet innocence and pain of unrequited of young love. This takes me back a very long way. Thank you for the ride on the school bus again.