Spirit, I cannot get answers.


You search a world that is nowhere
but deep within, constantly flowing..

With time disappears the exterior.
Where once had been places and houses,
now have risen clear visions of thought
as real as you see things, more still,
a vigorous mind keeps on storing
all the zeitgeist it can, as amorphous
as its urge is to fathom.

Long time now temples have fallen.
We save them in secret, however,
where once was a prayer, a service
or spontaneous acts of kindness,
there is now less and more absence.
Many don't know how to reach down
into deepest of worlds spreading vastly
with its columns and statues of beauty
and silent altars high with incense.
Back at the outside, the masses
who never seem to inherit,
nor own the before or hereafter.

What is next to a man is much further
and should not confuse us or frighten.
There is always a presence in nowhere
pulling down stars from safe heavens,
Spirit, I show You, here to Your face,
what it means to be saved and be upright.

Cities, old temples, the Sphinx,
were they not mind stopping,
so great, that we unendingly marvel?
And then, the find of the double helix,
or a virtual world unconfined in space?
We cannot praise us enough
for the strength we were given
to create those miraculous objects,
that seem lasting forever.
Towers were huge and our science,
but how big I ask you, is spirit?
Rome has been great and music
still greater, in hindsight, and rising.
Also the lovers are growing,
even when lonely at times
in darkness or under the moonlight.
Do they not reach you in longing?

Spirit, I cannot get answers. My ears
are unable to hear you.
I run and move constantly towards you,
though you never cross the strong currents.
My outstretched arms are my calling.
My open hands try to grasp You,
but seem defensive or a warning
to You, Inconceivable and Intangible.

Poetry by Scharlie Meeuws
Read 680 times
Written on 2011-01-31 at 15:37

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What a task, to define something that defies definition...Immeasurable, with out mass or weight, yet with substance.
Nice to see you back. I enjoyed this.
Thank you, Nick

Rob Graber
I enjoyed this, especially stanza 5. For me, its originality more than makes up for the write's obscurity!

PS: Glad 2 C U reappear here!