Patterns of life transmute, remnants from fire lost,

Lost Relations

Tall windswept trees bear memories.
Their endless rows of stretched out boughs
leave plights unknown. Lost foliage,
like old voices drown the rustling and flustering
of many choices...

Tall bone bare trees, their fingers seize
the steel gray skies. Their shadows breathe
the tearful eyes of long ago.
Where are all those who once were close,
the face I know?
I walk alone my head held low.
Unspoken answers penetrate like smoke...
I woke this morning with you in my ear,
So crystal clear your voice, but now so high,
that branches point you out towards the sky,
where once sprung up your root.

Patterns of life transmute, remnants from fire lost,
your ashes blown by wind carried away
what lived in me. But still I am
one branch of many from a larger tree.

Tall stand bare trees now silently in threadbare night.
Yet soon they might share renewed life.
Can you sustain your loss, who are no more?
I am the door through which you scatter leaves.
You came and went before in secrecy.
Stay in the night with me till morning breaks,
when light deceives, but loneliness awakens
all memories.

Poetry by Scharlie Meeuws
Read 703 times
Written on 2011-01-31 at 15:45

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Wonderful wordsmithery conveying emotions through to the last word.

Thank you.

Libyan Rose
very rich poem, thanks for share it us

jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
delicious read.

You have lost none of your talents. It is eerie how those who've gone seem so close at times...
Thank you again for sharing...

This is a beautiful meditation, beautiful in thought and craft.