My youngest son informed me he was gay on the drive down to San Francisco from Seattle. It wasn't a complete surprise and I who he sleeps with is really none of my business. I just hope he doesn't bring home one of those log cabin republican types!!

Coming Out

In the afternoon
We dropped down
Out of the mountains
Into the fertile plain
And roared a long
Through The golden

After a bit he turned to me
And said, "You know I'm gay!"
More of a challenge
Than a question.
I suppose on some level
I did.

He talked on a bit.
About his hopes
For his new life
Sitting in the passenger's seat
With his shoes off
One foot across his knee.
And a huge hole
In the sole of his sock.

Finally I said,
"Well if you are going to be gay
You are going to have
to start dressing better.
No self -respecting gay man
Is going to be seen
With someone wearing socks
Like that."

He told me I was just
Dealing in clichés.
I suppose I was.

But next time
He had a chance
He bought new socks.

Poetry by Budart
Read 383 times
Written on 2011-02-14 at 06:13

Tags Parenting 

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
This reminds me of when I was 13. I asked my mother '' what is homosexuality , mum? '' , '' Er , I''ll ask your dad to tell you , Ken'' . Well dad were working the afternoon shift. As soon as dad got home , mm told dad '' Dave , Ken , asked me what homosexuality is '' , '' I said I'd ask you to enplane it to him. Dad came strait to my room , he'd not even taking his work jacket off. '' wake up , Ken'' , I woke up , I was a sleep. '' Your mum told me that you were asking about homosexuality'' ,'' Yes dad ''' '' There was a program on the telly about it'' , '' but mum told me to go to bed'' , ''' Well , son , homosexuality , is men who love other men''' , '' now good night , son ''
And that was it , never had a problem , dad explained , sop leaving no room for stuff to take root. At the time the U K parliament was due to vote on making homosexuality legal.
Ken D Williams