trauma drama

shooting falling shining

the drama of the trauma
is my traumatic drama

I tell myself it was a play
where I was playing lead

curtains in yellow
silent laughing tears
horror in my dreams

you thought I was okay
since I always laughed and smiled

but inside I was gone
drowned in tears
covered in dust

I knew that my smile was my only way out
I didn't want my hands to burn
I didn't want my bones to grind

so I laughed

today I smile when I fall on my knees instead
when people dies
or when I am alone

the only time I cry
is when you say

a funny joke


that you love me.

Poetry by C-F Haegring
Read 344 times
Written on 2011-03-20 at 08:06

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John Ashleigh
A very powerful write.