Dear Teenage Me...

Dear teenage me,

Stop wasting so much time being sad and out-of-sorts
Life is so unbelievably beautiful but also unbelievably short
Your heart shouldn't be so closed; try letting it free
Don't plan your adventures, embrace spontaneity
Be easier on yourself, you're not as ugly as the mirror says
In fact, it's going to lie to you most of your days
Don't ever say anything that you don't truly mean
Words can burn bridges quicker than gasoline
Spend more time doing things and less time thinking about doing things
Living inside of your own head won't create irreplaceable memories
If anyone tells you that you're a slut and to "close your thighs"
Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and womankind
"Love" isn't easy, but it isn't a dirty word
Try to remember to use it as a verb
Sometimes you'll be told your looks are unconventional and unattractive
Don't pay mind to such pettiness, you're too smart to be that vapid
But if there is anything I want you to know most of all
Don't lose yourself when things get hard
Don't let people use your body, don't turn to drugs
Don't drink away your troubles; don't feel suicidal over lost loves
Because, I know you might not believe me, but it really will be okay
Give life all you've got, you won't have it always

Poetry by Samantha Fritsky
Read 900 times
Written on 2011-05-10 at 03:55

Tags Teenage  Past  Life 

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Every line is wise and enduring advice . . . our unhappiness is directly proportional to our penchant fror ignoring it.

It's a long time since I was a teenager, but this all rang true then and now, life is too short. Love that word "vapid" well "spoken" enjoyed this immensely.