rocks up in the sky

I dance with the unconscious
in a darkness made of color
a power far beyond me
makes my shoeless feet move forward

birds are flying high
like rocks up in the sky
earthworms crawls around
on branches made of bone

in haze we run around
like animals with tails
claws into my neck
who is behind the veil

painted trees surround me
an audience in silence
waiting for the wrestlers
the wind is screaming violence

I try to find the courage
to take fate in my hand
to see who is the hunter
who reigns this ancient land

I stop and turn around
I see an army made of me
hundred prisms of my face
hundred people from my sleep

my fingers all get black

when we shake each other's hand

but of that I do not mind

soot is our human bond.

Poetry by C-F Haegring
Read 434 times
Written on 2011-05-17 at 23:20

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