This moment is the truth.Present moment is everlasting, live from present to present, without shackles of past and future....

The Dynamics of Time

I have seen the world,I have done it all Then why is the mind restless after all?

The lullaby of the ocean The calmness of the wind Do nothing to soothe the agitation in my mind

The deeds of the past,The ghosts of the bygones weigh on my mind like parasites on the treebark

To shake myself free,to live in the moment I have to start afresh and only feel the present

The present,past and future are not the tenses anymore They are dynamics of time which do not exist any longer

The present becomes past in a fraction of the moment The future is always distant evading everybody's present

Then why am I worried about the turbulence of times The time will stand still,if I live in the present.That is all!


Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 495 times
Written on 2011-06-26 at 14:14

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