the joy of being with my granddaughter, Lulu

a hope in song

you walk up to meet me
steps brief and fast
don't quite make you out

and then...

i know who you are
that work of God
supreme innocence

surprised the sun breaks out
the rays all register on my eyes
sweetly embalming not piercing
each a hope in song together a symphony
strings celebrate your childhood
trumpets blast your schooldays

grandfather's joy ascends and i feel
the waters you splashed on my face
baptism triumphant

your sun lifts us for a dance
on Everest
the snow revels in your warmth
and glaciers waltz their way
through greens drumming
beats of babbling bliss

we float in endless exultation
your spirit wells up with adulation
God's masterpiece commanding recreation

Poetry by mark nwagwu
Read 569 times
Written on 2011-07-02 at 12:32

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