someone we did not know met us at freedom garden and regaled my wife and i witch how much he admired us

at freedom garden

last night
you came to us told us
how much you loved us the way we live
the way we are

the titanic
ship of dreams the world afloat
wealth weaves threads of gold
around needing necks
dinners and dances wines and liqueur
lounging and swimming
fine clothes and furnishings
and sleeping

all upstairs

in the bottoms
music and mellowing smoking and shouting
noise rising in heated arguments
talk and more talk all rambunctious
gaiety in gallons washes torn jeans
folds rumpled blouses
joy in pursuit paints faces in rainbow dance
loving poverty pounds the floor
delight drugs the soul

all downstairs

Mark enters
leaky roof ants and rats
moves mattress to the dry floor
lies to rest
raises head to the Himalayas
of heaven's pillows

from upstairs Helen descends
keeps him warm melts the snow
laughter flows down her cheeks
gold in a furnace
burns up pride in sultry state
nuggets burnished in purity
soul necklaced in jewelled joy

downstairs serenades upstairs
mud to Everest rises
rain strings swell the sea
eyes surge and ears stroll
lips in song confirm mystery's text
in us transfixed

now you know
the way we are

Poetry by mark nwagwu
Read 488 times
Written on 2011-08-15 at 15:47

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Quite a picture!
If I were to exercise my imagination, no doubt I should find there a similar account.
The dwelling of the peace dove is a little quieter, but not lacking in mirth. And music, of course. Always a good beat.
Such unrestrained exuberance! Most enjoyable; thanks.