smoke birds

surrounded by forrest
dense pines

tree trunks with ornamented bark like meandering rivers of wood

all around me is green and grey
everywhere dark and wet

I breathe the clouds of the soil

it is like walking on a meadow made of moisty moss
if my feet were snails my toes would have disappeared into me

all of sudden I see thin streaks of light trying to reach something

they stretch slowly and gently with their long fine arms

in the horizontal rays I can see the stillness
if there were dust in the air I could have seen their floating outlines

a golden cross section from beyond

I follow the beams between the trunks of the trees

every step makes everything brighter
until I swim in a silent warmth and I am blinded by a sky in front of me

when my eyes acclimatize I see a square cabin in the glowing distance

smoke is rising from its roof

I walk up to it
with small cautious steps
like a timid deer

when I get closer I see that it is not a cabin
but a giant white dice
made of non-material shimmer

the smoke that comes from its top is not smoke either
but a steady stream of black birds flying upwards like a wormy line of dominos

The dice's five dots are facing me

when I touch a dot I recognice they are made of chalk

when I look at my skinny hands I see that they are covered in a whitish powder

I caress my face and feel the cold against my cheeks as if the the white was snow

I touch the dice's middle dot

I see and feel my arm slowly sinking inwards

it feels like honey
I can almost taste it sweetness

still my throut fills up with disgust

something is rotten

the dark and sluggish liquid slowly starts to run along the side of the dice

when it touches the ground it transfoms into a thousand spiders in the size of fists

they run in all directions and sound like miniature horses running with their metal shoes on the granit floors of a ball room

I turn around and follow them with my eyes

they stop in unifom

It's the silence coming

fifty meters ahead they are lined up
I am the epicentre of a massive black circle
I follow the circumference and I see that I am surrounded

I soon realize that it is not the spiders that is the danger

the something
beyond them is approaching

I can't see it
but I sense the world is getting smaller
the horizon is coming with speed of the time

it is getting hard to breath
the air is like dry water

the earth is trembling
the shell of our planet is pulsating
waves are moving my way

I turn around

the dice is gone

now I giant hole is gaping at me

I feel a wind coming
a blast wave of something

I try not go with it
down into the abyss

the ground is starting to disintegrate

where should I go?

suddenly I decide not to get away


when I turn around everything stops

I am on the ledge

my toes are hanging free

I look down
I can't see anything
but I can't stop looking
the darkness is mesmerizing

all of sudden something ascends from below
it looks like an upside down droplet of water touching the surface of the sea in slowmotion

an even layer of solid darkness arises
shimmering like oil on water
I step onto the surface which rocks with the motions of a heavy liquid

my steps move me forward until I am in the middle

I look all around me

once again I am surrounded by the woods
between the trunks a fire is glowing

the trees are nothing but shadows in a forrest on fire

beyond them I see a burning sun

setting in the far west.

Poetry by C-F Haegring
Read 462 times
Written on 2011-08-29 at 22:31

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