© Erik Brickman 2006

Tree Rings

You visited my life

And your tracks made storms

That tree rings later will show

Great, wide rings

When time cuts me down

Then, in that moment

When all the trees of my age

Shall fall

The truth was told to you

I love you

Now and at the clearing

When all the snow shall fall

From my wrinkled shoulders

Out of my tree bark

And in every drop of resin

Your mouth is capsuled in.

Poetry by Erik Brickman
Read 682 times
Written on 2011-09-03 at 21:19

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How moving, Erik.
The image of man as tree is so powerful. For some reason I see an oak, perhaps for its ruggedness, its tracks, and because I believe the oak is most often struck by lightning, storms. I suppose rings do indeed represent scars, just as any growth leaves some mark. And to merge this with a love affair lends even greater force and passion. The ending I find especially potent.