avenue of trees

everything is green


the beauty is almost daunting

I've never seen anything as beautiful

I stand there

and I feel that I have found my spot

this is where I ought to be

as far as I can see are trees
it's an avenue of trees
a golden green alley glued to the horizon

I look around me

the emerald leaves are shining


they say I should walk ahead

there is even more beauty to come

farther down the path

I walk
I walk

I look for change

everything is still mezmerising
but still the same

then it strikes me

what a fool I am

all there is

is now.

Poetry by C-F Haegring
Read 494 times
Written on 2011-11-14 at 17:42

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What a lovely serene piece, my friend!
Being Emeralde myself, I cannot help but be drawn to all the greenery here; and as dove of peace I relish the tranquillity that prevails.