What Do You See?

Imagine a room. Without being prompted, which color do you paint it? Do you have an entire wall dedicated to a bay window overlooking a lake covered in a glassy layer of ice? Are there any doors? Not a single door? How did you get there? Can you escape? Explore the room's corners. Do you hear mice crawling in the darkness? Or are there fragrant flowers in brilliantly painted pots standing on a grass green carpet, thick and soft?
Why are you here? Do you want to flee? You could, if you so desired. Or you could take a seat on the overstuffed sofa. Maybe you'd prefer the rocking chair by the painting of a dandelion. The chair squeaks softly in a way that reminds you of your grandmother that summer so long ago. She used to make the sweetest iced tea. Is your mouth watering? Will you cringe when I mention a bright yellow lemon, and the acidity resting beneath its peel?
Imagine a room. A room of your own design. Is this a dream? Or is it Heaven?

Poetry by Katherinee x
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Written on 2012-02-01 at 23:48

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Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
I like all these questions - they evoke the imagination, perhaps as intended.

I like what I see.

Thank you.