We all have dreams. Dreams are precious. Dreams are like wings... they help you soar higher...
Never let anything take away your dreams...
Hope you like it.


I had a pocket
Full of dreams
Sleeping and awake
Dreams I had seen

Dreams of happiness
Friendship and love
Hope and wonder
Peace like a dove

Dreams of adventure
Freedom and height
Life and laughter
Freshness like morning sunlight

I had a pocket
Full of dreams
I know not how I got
A hole in the seam

Fell away my dreams
One by one
Out of my pocket
Like rays of sun

Now I have a pocket
With a hole in it
And I am trying hard to stitch
So, new dreams I could fit

I once had a pocket
Full of dreams
They're all gone and lost
For a hole in the seam

Someday I'll have
A pocket full of new dreams
And I won't ever let
Holes destroy my dreams

Poetry by Amy Valentina
Read 549 times
Written on 2012-02-28 at 15:55

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I really do need a new key board this one cannot spell "dera" ? Dear.

Dera Amy,

We all have dreams, some fade awy, but we still live another day. A lovely piece to read and as you always write, from your soul.



Keep on dreaming those beautiful dreams Amy! Some day one might come true.
Thanks for sharing :-)