It all begins when we need to know why
Everything happens as it happens
And when we aren't satisfied with the reason
We start thinking something is wrong

When I first fell in love, I was 20. I was immature and impatient and I needed a reason for e

No reason

If somebody loves us,
We want to know 'why'.
If they don't,
We want to know 'why not'.
If somebody calls after a cup of coffee,
We want to know why they called.
If they don't, we want to know
Why they forgot.

At times, there can be no reason.
And no words to tell us 'why'.
Why don't we just let things be
And let the reason be: 'No reason'.

Poetry by Amy Valentina
Read 737 times
Written on 2012-03-27 at 07:36

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A sentiment I agree with entirely about day to day life, but sometimes we must ask "why" for science, engineering and serious study (anongst a few). I really like this prose.