doctor my eyes and thumbs :)

Truth Is Beauty

There go the fat monied ones
Away to the enclave of the blind
And dumb and selectively deaf
Always depended on with neither
Truth or beauty.

There was a bird that hovered overhead
Winged with feathers so sculptured underneath
I saw some higher hand at work and knew
Beauty will survive.

Those fat cats.
They have to paint on tans
They have to follow scripts.
They have this continuous imaginary
Itch they must treat as a flea necessary.
I know not yet but it will come along
Truth is indeed beautiful to us all.


Even if you like some fancy dress
Do you not see how they get fatter
The more they insist that we inhale?

I can see beauty away from this
Hear beauty at my whim...
Though no-one speaks much truth
To too much pretty these days.

Poetry by jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2012-04-20 at 00:27

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Sid Gardner
Those who prefer not to see or listen become encapsulated by their own fear of truth.

Those who see and listen then recognise truth seek not the horizons of paradise.

What is truth but the unblemished fragrant rose or the blush of a maidens awareness of herself.

Nice one Jenks.

Beauty in form that follows function! ;-)

Jalaj Soni
Ma'am, this is a *beautiful* poem! haha :)
attractively structured and the theme is VERY MUCH inherent to a usual human life..

Made me smile :)
Thank You

Though it sounds pretty, Keats may have gotten it wrong; truth is often ugly and beauty is not always the truth. Still, both are worth striving for.


Ferenc Inigo Beck
Yes,the world slips into cultural sleep.
Nicely described.