the actress

dialogues, dialogues, dialogues...
she plays her part well, exposed to public.
mask of happiness must be always there
if not, demons come out screaming,
difficult role to play
not everyone would do it
sometimes requires improvisation,
lines come out naturally,
dialogues between actors,
time passes quickly
hours after hour,
day after day,
year after year...
mask of happiness is printed on her face
even when she is sad,
tears blocked into her soul deep inside.
tried to separate the role from reality
but they were connected somehow.
a role that formed, transformed, matured ,
opened her mind, her heart,
a role that initiated her...
angels and demons
she met them all,
descovering herself...

Poetry by anton roxana
Read 371 times
Written on 2012-05-19 at 17:18

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