starting to breathe

starting to breathe, 

slowly in and out, 

starting to heal, 

the bad news washes out


starting to take the good 

and leave the bad 

leaning how to be happy

instead of so sad


starting to learn what lifes about

one foot in front of the other

learning to let emotions out

instead of keeping them under


gaining a new perspective

walking with eyes wide open

taking intiative to live

live with eyes wide open


I promise no longer 

will i shut you down

i promise no longer 

will i lock you out


starting to breathe 

slowly in and out

starting to heal

the bad news washes out


welcoming in an old friend

embracing her 

she has brought me back 

and said that its okay to live again


that old friend 

who gave so much 

the one i yearned for

missed her touch


today i welcome her 

with open arms

today i am her

no more false alarms


Poetry by montana
Read 452 times
Written on 2012-05-20 at 23:20

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