Running & Still waters Part I*?*(elements challenge)


I am like the water
I let you close your eyes while
You are inside me and we dream

about dreamy black pearls 
and the shell of the giant triton 

I am like the water
inside a droplet
I am like the water
the sweat on your forehead

If you want to feel like those 
that managed to save their soul 

and made their dreams come true

Then you will have to know how to 

exploit the oh so predictable desires 
of the masses. So mind numbing . . . 

Think faster when you feel like the still water 
that becomes running water When you feel 
that you just want to go with the flow, become
one with the force have no will of your own and
still reach your destination

Yes some say that you don’t really hurt them
when you exploit their weaknesses -aherm I meant
desires desire is never wrong how you respond to
it or someone else’s desire is another story

Because when you are done with them you leave them 
intact, in perfect condition. As they were. With the same 
thirst. You have become their water . . .

So you actually haven’t done any harm, you gave them what 
they wanted and you might have taught them a thing or two
(if they paid attention instead of feeling the ecstasy that comes 
from burning hard earned money while silently chanting: may my
will be done) 

or you might have cured their loneliness, allowed them to feel as 
a part of you, a part of the whole and you are the never-ending
clean water that  will keep quenching their thirst 

How is that possible?

It’s like scuba diving in the ocean. You observe – memorize
interact – learn(fictional knowledge)with everything until 
you  stay long enough, feel as a part of the sea, you know
like the palm of your hand  the ecosystem of the deep sea 
oh so very deep sea and you then leave

sell the source of your knowledge(you)to the highest bidder and then . . .

others come to you because they know that they will 
benefit from you and that you are in the same level, made
the same sacrifices etc . . . & you accept their
presence – a fester in your soul 

Are you water? A single droplet that dries out 
in the presence of the sun? Are they the sun? Are you the sun?

Or do you become like boiling shallow waters, kill your inner world
(and we feel it)and slowly transform to the gray clouds in your head?
We no longer feel you. . .

Now and then you go back to the sea, take what you need 
in order to heal yourself listen to the true silence and return. 
As brand new!

I am like the water
that runs through your fingertips
I am like the water
the raindrops on your umbrella
I am like the still water when the wind 
whispers secrets to me  . . . 

Be faster: when the gray pebble stone
hits the cushion sea star, inside me, I 
become one with the waves, can you listen
to the waves inside you too? Feel them?

Keep quiet while finding balance

Feel free
the very first sound of you
Your breath inside your chest 
is sooo close to your heart
I am like the water . . . 
I am one with the waves
but who plays Triton’s trumpet?
Who talks to the sea?

Human plays  Triton’s trumpet at kugenuma kaigan beach(40seconds): via @youtube




Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2012-07-09 at 00:47

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Nils Teodor The PoetBay support member heart!
Very beautiful
I liked your poem