When hopelessness tortures the soul...

The Golden Hell

What do I seek? What do I find? Where is the soul that lurked behind?

Where are the dreams that beckoned in mischief? They died a premature death sighing with grief

Where is the freedom cried the caged bird Its golden cage shining and rotund

The bird doesn't know that its wings are clipped Even though freed it can't away speed

It has to rot in the golden hell Thinking how it will soar past the spell

When will the spell break? When will the wings grow? When will the freedom come? When will the hope rise?

Will the soul sustain the absence of hope? Or will it wither like a flower in heat?

What is this body with no intact soul? Like ruins of a temple whose God is sold

Let the balm of love heal the cracks Lest the rift becomes the valley abyss!

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 609 times
Written on 2006-04-02 at 14:29

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Zoya Zaidi
A nice poem of a stifled soul!
The metphor of the bird caged
Is charming, an Indian parable goes like that, in the Panchtantras!

((((hugs Anupam))))

Love, xxx, Zoya