This is something I wrote after a real bad incident. However, things are beautiful again :)

I can't let you go... (Sequel to: Never let it go...)

Maybe I thought I could let you go
And easily break the silken cords that bound us
But the tug has left a bleeding heart
And eyes that never stop watering

Maybe I thought I could hate you
Just the way I had loved you all those years
But then the very moments I couldn't love you
Has made me yearn for love again

Maybe I thought I could be happy
And find someone better than you
But all my thoughts lead only to you
And I really know not what to do

O'dear, can you have me back
Can you let me love you again
It seems everything has come to a stand still
Every dream without you is a nightmare
Every hope a disappointment
And every joy a painful reminder of not being able to love you
The way I used to and the way I still do
And may be much more

Poetry by Amy Valentina
Read 811 times
Written on 2012-11-02 at 08:31

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