Jealousy you are a fact of life though unhonoured. Jealousy you are a tad too bitter like aftermath of ale of ginger. Jealousy you are aiways suppressed by people thinking upright. But jealousy you are like a spring,bouncing back ahoy!

Jealousy you are a pain in the heart aching and pricking at times. Jealousy you shine in the eyes like mirrors in the light. Jealousy you are armed to teeth with weapons of hypocricy. But jealousy if unguarded you are a cruel backstab.

Jealousy no-body is free from you on this strange earth. Jealousy no-one is safe from you,human couth or uncouth. Jealousy you lace the life with unwelcome emotions But jealousy you make me see myself in lights ever so hidden.

Jealousy you sometimes surprise me by taking me unawares. Jealousy you have no limits like oceans,seas and deep blue skies. Jealousy you dwell in the mind, in its innermost recesses. And jealousy you can permeate any length,depth and width ever so wide!


Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 509 times
Written on 2012-12-13 at 19:04

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